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How to Speedup your WordPress site with Amazon CloudFront.


A WordPress performance is quite excellent. The number of WordPress plugins to handle performance is such evidence. But the easiest way to improve your user experience is to accelerate the entire WordPress website using CloudFront. This will help you not only improve site response time reduces the necessary infrastructure, reducing the load on the Web server, so you can reduce the total cost of the infrastructure works WordPress. CloudFront is actually a site can greatly help your site to respond to unexpected load when gained popularity.

Today this post is to clarify the method of providing a reasonable standard configuration on the WordPress website or blog.

How does CloudFront help?

Amazon CloudFront is to improve the user's experience accessing the Web site in several ways:

1. Anycast DNS is to ensure that customers are routed to the nearest edge location.

2. The cached content is available to users at the edge position (if available).

3. If you need to import data from a site CloudFront edge location is to manage the transfer between the web site and optimize network throughput. The traffic runs through Amazon Global Backbone. With an optimized TCP configuration can improve throughput by sending more bytes from the network, and TCP connection reuse, greatly reducing the waiting time associated with the connection established. That the content is cached in this manner it will accelerate data transmission through a network path optimization, regardless of whether or not.

4. Finally, if you negotiate (Transport Layer Security) TLS offload and reduces CloudFront Edge improves the performance and connection latency adds support for connection reuse backend.


The simplified architecture of the above described common architecture of WordPress for WordPress that runs from static content and EC2, Lightsail or other hosting facilities stored on AWS S3. WordPress is basically a web server and stored locally in all things. However, there are a few plugins that can easily move your static content to S3 is one example of W3 Total Cache. The advice is that your site is relevant and whether the store static content to S3, in both cases accelerate your web site.

Next, The three main steps to configuring CloudFront:
1. Creating a distribution
2. Defining your origin(s)
3. Configuring cache behaviors

Creating a CloudFront distribution ⇒
or more generically;
Now you need to create a CloudFront distribution in CloudFront web console. If you do not mention the configuration, you can assume that you accept the default options.

Fill in the required details for the distribution.

Origin Domain Name is currently the subject of a DNS record, but within the Application Load Balancer, you may have chosen WordPress to service the Amazon Lightsail, EC2, or hosting. CloudFront Console is available as a drop-down list if an S3 bucket and all the load balancer is configured to AWS account to avoid an error, but is not listed, simply type the DNS name or IP address.


Amazon Certificate Manager makes TLS/SSL certificates available for free, for use with CloudFront and AWS Elastic or Application Load Balancers.  Because encrypting data in transit helps to build trust with your users, I’m going to assume that you will use TLS encryption.

Timeouts & Ports

CloudFront allows the user to configure the connection and response Origin retention time limit. It does not require a longer time-out request from WordPress site. However, if the traffic on your site, increase the keep-alive timeout or less can be increased up to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Default Cache Behavior Settings

These default settings are the “catch-all” behavior and must be appropriate for any request not handled by more specific rules that we will define according to the Behaviors table above.

CloudFront to redirect any HTTP requests to HTTPS. Note that if you choose HTTPS Only, your users may have to type the full https://url when they visit your site, unless they will always be following a link from another page to navigate there.
WordPress makes use of forms, which require a POST, I have chosen to enable all HTTP methods. Additionally, I have enabled caching of Options requests, which can speed CORS requests.


The web server and virtual host through the host header to determine what to offer when configured to host multiple sites. It is recommended that the host and the source headers to allow caching based on a header consisting of a minimum.

Object Caching

WordPress by default does not set the cache control headers, such as the expiration or maximum age. Install the plugin, or you can configure this by the header (see the WordPress documentation for caching) '.htaccess' file. 

If you do not want to configure a WordPress In this way, you can choose to have a CloudFront cache contents in Customizing Object Caching. (Check if you have configured your WordPress to add the Cache-Control header instead of "your original cache headers".) CloudFront is to cache the object for 300 seconds when the "Default TTL" setting below is not a WordPress server, configure the caching headers It instructs.


WordPress makes extensive use of cookies, and I recommend forwarding cookies based on a whitelist.

Query Strings

WordPress uses Query Strings to determine the content to return.  for example, the results of a search or an individual article request.

Custom TLS/SSL Client Support

Security Policy

Default Root Object

Because your site is automatically configured to provide index.php is not related to WordPress. If you are hosting a static site from S3 origin server can be an index.html by default.


You can choose to record the HTTP requests that are handled by CloudFront, Elastic or Application Load Balancer, WordPress server or all of the above methods, depending on your needs. The default is to keep it ahnimyeoyi preferences to record all the viewer requests.
Finally, add a comment and select the "Enable as a distribution status" and click deployment.

Status: In Progress

When you create a CloudFront distribution, you will be redirected back to the Web console. Here, the distribution will be marked as "in progress". The state may take a few minutes for the changes to Deployed (Deployed), but you can still specify the Origins and Behaviors (the origin and behavior) on the WordPress content.

Adding Origins & Behaviors

Select your Distribution and click the Distributions Settings button to edit the settings.

On the Origins tab you should see one Origin, created during the initial setup as below:

Select Create Origin to add a source that CloudFront will request content from.

Next, from the Behaviors tab, we will create the configurations we mentioned in the table above.
Currently, you will see the Default(*) behavior only:


This step-by-step guide to prepare for a sudden surge in traffic WordPress site much more excellent than the previous one. See the Getting Started site for more information on the options described here is Amazon CloudFront. Also check the reference architecture of WordPress GitHub. GitHub offers CloudFormation script to build a scalable architecture and run WordPress in minutes, including acceleration CloudFront.


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