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Amazon Cloud RoboMaker : who are new to AWS RoboMaker

What Is AWS RoboMaker?

AWS RoboMaker is a service that allows you to easily intelligent robot application development, simulation and deployment. RoboMaker is extended to connect to the ROS (Robot Operating System) is an open source robotics software framework is the most widely used cloud services. This may be because it contains an AWS machine learning services, monitoring services and analysis services robot streaming data, navigation, communication, understanding and learning. RoboMaker offers loft fleet management services for robotics, simulation services, remote application deployment, update, and manage to accelerate the robotics development environments, application testing for application development.

Are people who are new to AWS RoboMaker?

If you are new to RoboMaker, I recommend that you do the following:

Read How It Works – This section provides an overview of the RoboMaker. You can learn the core concepts and key components needed to develop robotic applications and simulation applications. I recommend that you read in the order presented on this topic.

Read Getting Started with AWS RoboMaker – This exercise will guide you through the process of creating the first robotic applications and simulation applications. It also describes how to run the simulation. Use the sample code provided in RoboMaker.

Explore robotics development topics – Depending on your needs, do the following:

Learn about ROS – In RoboMaker, you build robot applications and simulation applications based on the Robotic Operating System (ROS). For more information, see

Learn about Gazebo – Gazebo is a simulator for testing your robots. It's useful for testing algorithms, designing robots, testing, and artificial intelligence training. For more information, see Select version 7 when given the opportunity.

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