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How To Create an Amazon Cloud S3 Bucket? And URLs to access a bucket.


To upload data to Amazon S3, you must create a bucket in one of the AWS Regions to store data. After you can upload an unlimited number of data objects in the bucket.

To create an S3 bucket

Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon S3 console at 

Choose Create bucket.

Name and region page, enter the name of the bucket, and then select the AWS Region to place the bucket. Please complete the following fields of this page.

In Bucket Name, type the DNS-compliant name for the new bucket. Please follow the naming guidelines below.

.  Bucket names must be unique across all existing bucket names in Amazon S3.
. The name must start with a lowercase letter or number.
.  The name must not contain uppercase characters.
. The name must be between 3 and 63 characters long.

Once you've created a bucket, make a wise choice because you can not change its name.

URL pointing to an object placed in the bucket to bucket names are displayed, select a bucket name that reflects the objects in the bucket.

For Region, select the AWS Region in which to store the bucket. Select the nearest region to minimize the waiting time and money to resolve, or regulatory requirements. The object stored in a particular area does not leave the local unless explicitly transferred to other regions. Please refer to the Amazon S3 AWS Regions List of Regions and Endpoints Amazon Web Services General Reference.

URLs to access a bucket.

Amazon S3 supports both virtual-hosted–style and path-style URLs to access a bucket.

In a virtual-hosted–style URL, the bucket name is part of the domain name in the URL.

For example:

In a virtual-hosted–style URL, you can use either of
these endpoints. If you make a request to the endpoint, the DNS
has sufficient information to route your request directly
to the Region where your bucket resides.

In a path-style URL, the bucket name is not part of the domain (unless you use a Region-specific endpoint).

For example:
US East (N. Virginia) Region endpoint,

Region-specific endpoint,

In a path-style URL, the endpoint you use must match
the Region in which the bucket resides. For example, if
your bucket is in the South America (São Paulo) Region,
you must use the endpoint.
If your bucket is in the US East (N. Virginia) Region, you
must use the endpoint.

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