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YouTube channels data migration in new google account


YouTube all data (Channels, Videos, Likes, subscribes) migration from one google account to another google account.
Please follow below steps to migration YouTube data.
For example your source email id is and target email id is We need to move all’s YouTube data to

Step 1. Login in account and open YouTube settings

Step 2.  Now that you have to create a Brand Account, For that See all my channels or create a new channel ( Note :- If you haven’t any Channel so click on Create a new channel Then back on setting and follow Setp 2.)

After Click on Create a new channel. You will be move on for create new Brand Account.  

Step 3. You have to add your Brand Account name here.

Step 4. Open YouTube setting for  and click the Advanced 

Step 5. Now you need to move your YouTube all data in new created Brand Account. You have to click on Move channel to Brand Account After click on Select desired account then click on you Brand Account. See below images.

Note: - Before move please make sure that. You will be lost all data if you already added in your Brand Account. Click on Delete channel.. and move on next step.

Step 6: Click on Move channel. It may take up to ten minutes for the move to be processed after that all YouTube data will be moved on Brand Account.

Next, you need to move all Brand Account data on For first you need to add as Owner in created Brand Account.
Step 7.  For as Owner, 1st open Brand Account’s Settings and 2nd 
Add or remove managers.

3rd Click on Manage Permissions.

Then, Click on Invite new users and add new user that you want to invite in Brand Account. 

4th Now email will receive one invitation mail from Brand Account. Open the mail and Accept invitation see image.

Step 8: Now open your Brand Account and login in your gmail id. Go to Advance setting of Brand Account. Make this option in Default Channel (Use this channel (*****) when I sign in to my account.) and Save this settings.

And Follow Step 5, Step 6, and Step 7 again for move Brand Account all data in email id. 
With This all steps you will move all YouTube data on google account to another google account.
       In Sort:
Ø Login in .
Ø Create New Brand Account.
Ø Move all YouTube data To New Brand Account.
Ø Add In created Brand Account.
Ø Move all YouTube data Brand Account to

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