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Ubuntu 18.10 New Version New Features

In 18.1o new version of Ubuntu, use the benefit of these new features.

1.New Desktop Layout

New functions are available in the Ubuntu desktop based on GNOME 3.30 and explained the new Welcome screen. Revised GNOME desktop interface.
Activities, Apps button, Clock and calendar, System menu, Launcher

2.Easier way to install PPA applications.

The establishment of PPA always required the use of three instruction sets:

sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url]
sudo apt update
sudo apt install [app]

With the normalization process, the Ubuntu 18.10 automatically performs the update command, so now you only need to enter only 2 command.

sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url]
sudo apt install [app]

Although it has never been the slowest process to begin with, losing this update command will save your comfortable little time

3. Support for fingerprint scanner

The Ubuntu 18.10 will support fingerprint scanner. This means that if your computer has a fingerprint scanner, you can unlock the Ubuntu system with fingerprint.

4. Easily record screen-casts and screen-shots.

To capture a screenshot, just press the Screen Print button for a full download of the desktop. However, to get the window of the active application, hold the Alt + Print Screen window. You can also take snapshot of a selected region Shift + Print Screen. By default screenshot saved in the Pictures folder

Moreover, it is much easier to record your desktop. All you need to do is hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Print Screen to start recording. A small red circle will appear in the upper right corner of the screen as you record. Once you capture the activity you want, press the keyboard combination to stop recording. Video captures are saved to the Videos folder

5. Linux Kernel 4.18.

The Ubuntu 18.10 is Linux Kernel 4.18. This version of Kernel has some enhancements for GPU AMD and Nvidia, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt, and performance optimizations in CPUfreq among many other functions

6. Middle click the mouse.

The Ubuntu 18.10 offers support middle clicks, offering several shortcuts through the user interface. These include:

Opening a new application window by clicking on the application icon.
Open a link in a new tab of your browser.
View the contents of a folder in a new tab. You can also start a program by clicking the middle button.

Separate applications can (and support) other options for the middle mouse button.

7. Use minimal install for speed.

Working with new compression algorithms such LZ4 and ztsd, the Ubuntu 18.10 is supposed to have about 10% faster startup. The facility will be a little faster. This is definitely a good news for all Ubuntu users.

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