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Most used Partition Managers for Linux

Are you looking to modify or manage your Linux disks partitions? We will see both command line utilities and GUI applications for disk partition

1. Fdisk

fdisk is a most powerful command line tool used for creating and manipulating disk partition tables.
It supports multiple partition tables formats, including MS-DOS and GPT.
It provides a user-friendly, with text based and menu interface for displaying, creating, resizing, deleting, modifying, copying and moving partitions on drives.

2. GNU Parted

The Parted is a popular command line tool to manage your hard disk partitions.
It supports multiple partition table formats, including MS-DOS, GPT, BSD and many more. With it, you can add, delete, shrink and extend disk partitions along with the file systems located on them.

It can help you create space for installing new operating system, reorganizing disk usage, and move data to new hard disks.


GNOME Disks is a core system utility used for disk partition management and S.M.A.R.T monitoring. It is used to format and create partition on drives, mount and unmount partitions.

It's been gaining features for advanced usage. The latest version has a new feature for adding, resizing partitions, checking file-systems for any damage and repairing them.

4. Gparted

GParted is a free, advanced graphical and cross platform disk partition manager that works on Linux operating system, Windows and Mac OS.

It is used to resize, copy, move, label, check or delete partitions without data loss, enabling you to grow or shrink root partition, create space for new operating systems and attempt data rescue from lost partitions. It can be used to manipulate file systems including EXT2 / 3/4.

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