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Install and Use GNU Nano Text Editor

How to Install Nano Text Editor

The procedure depends on the the operating system you are running. Specifically, some of them as of now accompany the Nano text editorial manager pre-installed.


Installing Nano on Debian/Ubuntu


Execute the following command:


sudo apt-get install nano


Installing Nano on CentOS/RHEL


Execute this command:


yum install nano

How to Use Nano Text Editor


Open and close files

command to open the editor is:

nano filename

To open a file in another directory use:

nano /path/to/directory/test.txt

To save the changes made in the file and continue editing press CTRL + O.

To exit the editor, press CTRL + X. If changes have been made to the current open file, it will ask if it will save them or else it will come out immediately. Enter y for yes or n for no and then press ENTER.

Editing Text

In order to select text go to the beginning of the text and press ALT + A.

To copy the selected text press ALT + 6.To cut text press CTRL + K.
If you want to paste text press CTRL + U.

Searching / Replacing Text

To search in the text press CTRL + W. It will ask you for the text to be searched. Insert your value and press ENTER. To continue searching for the same text string, ALT + W.

If your goal is to find and replace text, press CTRL + W and then CTRL + R. It will ask to replace the search text, and text. Then the author will take you to the first appearance of the text and ask you if you will replace it or all the incidents.

Other command

Jump to the beginning of the line CTRL + A. 
Jump to the end of the line CTRL + E. 
Scroll page up CTRL + V. 
Scroll page down CTRL + Y.

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