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Full Tutorial for Install Ubuntu Desktop


The Ubuntu desktop is easy to use, easy installation. It is also open source, secure, accessible and free for download

In this blog, we will install the desktop of Ubuntu on your computer, using either a USB flash drive or the DVD drive of your computer.


You have at least 25GB of free storage space in system , or 5GB for a minimal installation.

From DVD

Easy to install Ubuntu from a DVD
First put the Ubuntu DVD into your optical/DVD drive.
And Restart your computer.
you'll see the welcome window.

From USB flash drive
Just plug in the USB flash drive and turn on your computer or restart it. You should see the same welcome window we saw in the previous step 'Install from DVD', prompting you to choose your language and install or test the Ubuntu desktop.

Install Ubuntu

You will be prompted to first select your keyboard layout.

After selecting Continue you will get two options are ‘Normal installation' and ‘Minimal installation' . The first is the equivalent of the old default suite of utilities, applications, games and media players - a great start for any Linux installation. The second has significantly less storage capacity and allows you to install only what you need.

Enabling both Download updates and Install third-party software. Stay connected to the internet so you can get the latest updates while you install Ubuntu.

Allocate drive space

Use the check boxes to select whether you would like to install Ubuntu with another operating system, delete your existing operating system, and replace it with Ubuntu or, if you are an advanced user, select 'Something else'.

Begin installation

After setting the store, click the Install Now button. a small window will appear with an overview of the storage options you have selected, with a chance to return if the details are incorrect.

Select location

Login details

Enter your name and the installer will automatically suggest a computer name and username. These can easily be changed if you prefer. The computer name is how your computer will appear on the network, and your username will be your login name and account name.

Then enter a strong password. The installer will let you know if it is too weak.

You can also choose to enable automatic login and initial encryption encryption. If your machine is portable, we recommend that you have the automatic connection turned off and enable encryption. This should prevent people from accessing your personal files if the machine is lost or stolen.

Background installation

The installation program will now be completed in the background while your installation window teaches little about how amazing is Ubuntu. Depending on the speed of the machine and the network connection, install only a few minutes should last

Installation complete

Once everything is installed and set up, a small window will appear asking you to restart your machine. Click "Restart now" and remove either the DVD drive or a USB flash drive when prompted. If you started the installation while testing the desktop, you also have the option to continue the test.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the best Linux operating system in the world!

It is now time to start enjoying Ubuntu!
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