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Causes of Linux server down or server crash


Major 4 types of Linux server down or crash issues. In this tutorial know why it's happened.

1) Common Error
The Network Problem 

The Network Problem is a major error. We are not sure where the problem, because you may appear in server-side or can be displayed on the client or may be in the any single place. Example Firewall rule issue, DNS issue. Cross check the Ethernet cable connected to your server or not broken Last you can check the network connections on your side and make sure that all network connections are okay.
Power Failure

Power Failure is a main situation observed many times. It’s happened when A server on a UPS should shut down gracefully when the UPS is going to run down. The minimal purpose of the UPS is to keep the server running long enough to do that. Check all the power cables connected to your server, because sometimes the cable may burn from overheating or short circuit.

2) Human Error
DOS Attack 
DOS means Denial of Services, In DDOS attacks, the Attacker installs software virus or trojan in damaged systems and uses them to flood the victim's network so that the victim's server can not handle.

As mentioned in this IP question is only the ip of the website or can we DDOS the URL of the victim. This will be the burden on the server that hosts the site. It leads to refuse. Eventually, the site may collapse.
High Server Workload 
High server workload is good for you. But when this turns into heavy traffic burden on the server, the server stops responding. Can not get another request from the client, ie the server goes down

Configuration Bug 
The status of the server and the application depends on the configuration, sometimes due to incorrect configuration of the application that is not accessible by the client. In this case, although the server is still alive, it seems to the client that the server is either down or crashes, because it has no access to the server.

3) Software Error
Operating system crash
Server operating system crash problems either due to a fault in the hardware component or because of conflicts in the performance of applications installed on the system. But if it is a virus problem and some critical part of the system has been destroyed by the virus then system need to be recovered or re-install the operating system.
Application Crash 
once could happen collapse the application that serves your client. There can be various causes of application failure.
As - resource depletion, computational or logical error, system overload, data corruption and more.

4) Hardware Error
Server Hardware Problem 
Like RAM, processor or hard drive that is causing the problem, but this is not the case. If it were true, every site would work perfectly well. The more you provide the memory space, it always seems low, as there is no limit to the popularity and the number of people trying to access your site. They sometimes fail causing the problem.

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