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AWS Certification Exam Tips for IAM


IAM (Identity Access Management) allows you to manage users and their level of access to the AWS console.

The IAM consists of the following things:

  • Users
  • Groups (a way to group your users and apply policies to them collectively)
  • Roles
  • Policy Documents (they are made universal, and they are in JSON format)

IAM is universal, it doesn't apply to regions at this time.

The "root account" is just the account that was created when you first set the AWS account. It has by default a full administrator access. Users created in the root account does not have full administrator access.

New users have no rights other when first created.

New Users are assigned Access Key ID & Secret Access Keys when first created. It can be downloaded in a csv file. These are not the same as your password and can not use them to connect to the AWS console. You can use them to access AWS through the API and command line (CLI). You can only see them once, so save the csv file on your local disk.

Always configure multi-factor authentication in your root account.

You can create and customize your own password rotation policies.
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